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Essential ABA Childcare are a UK based startup providing special needs childcare recruitment services. The company helps parents and guardians of special needs children (SEND) find qualified and vetted enablers and carers in the UK.


We were tasked with designing the company branding, developing a web application and an SEO strategy.

The website needed to allow parents or guardians to register and request special needs childcare in the UK.

The company asked us to develop some advanced functionality that matched childcare requests from parents and guardians against a pool vetted childcare professionals. This enabled the company to quickly identify which of their carers would me most suitable and available to provide childcare services.


We got to work on brand identity and designed a vibrant logo inline with the business.

Our developers built a custom website with a custom backend admin area. We designed an engaging colourful website to reflect the brand and display informative and helpful content about the business and special educational needs. Parents or guardians can easily register and login to request childcare on an adhoc or permanent basis.

The website also allows childcare professionals to apply and become members of the carer pool. Carer applications are vetted and processed via the custom backend admin area. We designed and developed a custom “match engine” that automatically matched carers with childcare requests as and when they came in from the website.

Our team implimented a succesful SEO strategy that delivered organic growth and increased brand visibilty providing an instant return on investment.

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