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RemoteUK are a remote jobs board advertising home working positions for UK or english speaking jobseekers. The website makes searching for the latest remote jobs easier for jobseekers, rather than having to search multiple websites for the latest home working jobs.


RemoteUK required a custom job board with the ability to advertise premium job listings and curate remote job listings from around the web. They also required an on-page SEO strategy that would target UK job seekers and help gain visibility online.


Our digital agency built a custom job board from the ground up. Our developers chose Laravel as the framework due to it’s reliability and security features.

Our web designers created a clean modern website that was minimal, easy to read and fast loading.

For the backend we developed a dashboard and the typical functionality you would expect for a job board. For the daily curation of remote jobs, our web development team created a number of web scapers that target specific job boards who advertise remote jobs for the UK.

Since it’s launch, RemoteUK has gained a lot of visibility online and become a great tool for jobseekers in the UK.

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